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Hi, I'm Neil

If I have any kind of presence in the art world it's not because of anything that you see in this website. As much as I like (and enjoy creating) these Dimensional Design pieces, they are not what I am "known for."

If my name come ups at all, it's because of my videos. I have been a videomaker/video artist/filmmaker for many decades, and my work has been screened in hundreds of film festivals and other venues around the world.


I shouldn't use the past tense: I am always creating new videos and my videos are still being screened.

Curious to see some of my video work? Then take a look at my Vimeo page,

And, yes, I'm on YouTube, too:

For an up-to-date online listing of my video screenings, look here:

And to see more of my artwork, visit my main website:


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